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A beautiful gang of rawfoodies dropped by yesterday, that is so much fun and I always learn so much from the conversation and they lug in coolers of food to taste test…on their way to a potluck function usually involving the outdoors and looking for wild edibles in the forest. Ah another life! Right now there is enough on my plate, however I can at least relay the possibility to others, all over the country strangers are hooking up over the raw food potluck, starting on websites like “meetup.com“. More power to you! It really was an honor to meet them all, some of whom are leaders in the raw food movement in Chicago.

One pate I especially fell in love with that I found entirely new and delicious:

1 cups Pumpkin Seeds
(soaked overnight -that becomes like 2 cups after soaked)
1/4 cup Sundried Tomato (soaked at least 20 min)
1.5 Tbl White Miso
1 tsp. sea salt
1 Green Onion
.5-1 cup water

I made it in a blender and haven’t yet tried it in a food processor where I would add less water. Tastes great with seaweed or wrapped in any leaf.

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Fennel Juice

Inspired the following recipe by Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein’s book Raw:
3 cups chopped fennel
2 celery stalks, chopped
1 Braeburn apple, skin on, cored
1 cup freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

I didn’t have all the ingredients so I made this delicious juice instead:

2 heads of fennel juiced along with their green tops
2 grapefruits juiced
2 oranges juiced
2 beets juiced
5 carrots juiced
4 Gala apples juiced

serves 4 nicely

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lemontree.jpg photo by corsi photo via flickr.com
1 lemon
10 oz. organic frozen strawberries
1 1/2 cups of water
2 Tbl. flax seeds (soaked)

It is easy to soak the flax seeds overnight or even just for a little while will soften them up.

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503576816_4bd6597f65_m.jpg photo by RokShots via flickr.com

After making a green smoothie every morning for weeks now in my K-tech, I finally found a recipe worth documenting, I thought this one was especially tasty. Still waiting for Green for Life to arrive in the mail.

In a high speed blender (I don’t know if a regular blender will really blend the kale smooth, I have seen a smaller, even cheap blender have success with a spinach soup so who knows), mix the following:

1 1/2 cups of water
1 mango
1/2 cups pineapple
1 peach
4 cups of kale

My impression so far is that the goal of a green smoothie is to increase your green intake and not gross you out. If you don’t put enough fruit in there you may succeed in grossing yourself out. Another problem I have found is smoothies that gel, ugh. I think that is a two mango spinach product that gels, ugh. I also really just don’t like spinach as much as kale in a smoothie. I can add a lot more kale and still like it than I can spinach. Parsley and mint are fun and tasty greens to add. You can toss in an entire bunch of parsley with any fruit. We have liked apples, pears, pineapple, mango. Oranges get a little too sweet…if you need it sweeter, adding agave nectar is a nice option. The ripeness of the fruit you are using has a huge affect on the outcome.

Two really cool things about smoothies, they are very fast to make and clean up after and you can drink them while running around getting ready in the morning.

Do you have a tasty simple (I am keeping them simple for right now) green smoothie recipe?

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Photo by jgabriel_barcia at flickr.com

Wiki Wakame “[A compound in wakame,] fucoxanthin induces expression of the fat-burning protein UCP1 that accumulates in fat tissue around the internal organs…[wakame] was nominated one of the 100 worst invasive species in the world…Wakame is a rich source of EPA, an ω-3 essential fatty acid. At over 400 mg/100 cal, it has one of the higher nutrient:calorie ratios, and among the very highest for a vegetarian source.[1]” wikipedia.com

1 ounce (use a scale to weigh) dried wakame seaweed, soaked for 20 min in 5 cups of water and drained (keep three cups of the water).

For Matt Amsden’s Rawvolution Octopus’s Garden Seaweed Chowder. This is a delicious soup.:

In a high-speed blender, combine 3 cups of this seaweed water with:
1 cup raw pine nuts
3 cloves garlic (optional)
1 tsp. salt
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
garnish this white creamy soup with soaked wakame

For Charlie Trotter inspired Wakame Salad (great as a side or wrapped in a nori roll):
2 tbl. green pepper, chopped
4 tbl pineapple, chopped
1/4 cup soy sauce
6 tbl rice wine vinegar
4 tsp. sesame oil
add the wakame you just soaked
sesame seeds and cucumber are popular optional additions

mix all in a bowl let stand for an hour and drain

I was glad to find these two in combination, because Matt’s soup is tasty yet he really didn’t have a plan for the wakame and Charlie’s wakame salad is really delicious and versatile and keeps well.


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“Kiwifruit is a rich source of vitamin C. Its potassium content by weight is slightly less than that of a banana. It also contains vitamins A and E. The skin is a good source of flavonoid antioxidants.
Raw kiwifruit is also rich in the protein-dissolving enzyme actinidin, (in the same family of thiol proteases as papain), which is commercially useful as a meat tenderizer but can be an allergen for some individuals. Specifically, people allergic to latex, papayas or pineapples are likely to be allergic to kiwifruit also.
This enzyme makes raw kiwifruit unsuitable for use in desserts containing milk or any other dairy products which are not going to be served within hours, because it soon begins to dissolve milk proteins. This also applies to gelatin based desserts, as well, as the actinidin will dissolve the collagen proteins in gelatin very quickly, either liquifying the dessert, or preventing it from solidifying. However, the US Department of Agriculture suggests[1] that cooking the fruit for a few minutes before adding to the gelatin will overcome this effect [by killing the enzymes].” Wikipedia.Com

It is a testimony to the power of live enzymes in digestion.

The Recipe:
Avocado makes it creamy. Kiwi adds a little grit and spice somehow, especially when you toss them in unpeeled, I like it better that way.

Serves 2 easily
Toss in a high speed blender:
2 cups of water
2 Kiwi Fruits
1/4 cup of banana
1 mango
3 cups of kale
1 avocado

For people who just are not green food crazy and are not going to eat it otherwise, this is a really great way to get started with a huge bank of enzymes.

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439403702_c831352886_m.jpg photo by carolyn_in_oregon via flickr.com

If your avocados are too hard for mashing, slice the avocados up tiny on the cutting board then they are easy to mash.
If you like spicy food, store a bunch of habaneros in vinegar and water 1:1 ratio and they will keep well so they are always on hand to toss into anything.

2 limes juiced
1 habanero
2 avocados
1/2 cup tomato, chopped
1/4 cup red onion, finely chopped

Grab a spoon or a veggie and watch for your whole body tingle from the spice! Delicious.
Once a habanero is cut on a particular cutting board, future foods can be spicy from that same board even after it was washed. It takes a few minutes after washing your hands for them to let go of the spice.

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