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The U.S. government is single largest producer of information in the world. Taxpayers are paying for the research and it is a happy moment when anyone is able to put it to use. For years the work is being done to make the information accessible with some of the best websites ever designed and done to make the info user-friendly and online. There are even kid games on Nasa.gov and via thomas.gov there is Ben’s guide.

USA.gov is a main portal and so for example you could go there and type in weight loss into the search bar and come up with a nice starting point for NIH, FDA, and FTC info.

Some of my favorite sites link from the library of congress’s:

virtual reference shelf. There is more detail on that on my last posting on MyFreedomofInformationBlog.

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Where ever you draw the line you then wish you had more from that point. Wishing mind will arrive at the door. And if you say well you can have all this than it is the next thing that is wanted. You love what is needed, or what you feel is needed.

When I weighed 165 I was still wanting more, the line was just drawn in a different place and I felt less comfortable physically than I do now at 140. Now at 140 I still want more than where the line is drawn I am just lighter.

What I am trying to say is if you are going to suffer from wanting mind why not also get to be thin? I mean either way you are going to suffer and have to look beyond the line you have drawn. Why not also get to enjoy all the nice things you get with thinness. Social benefits, physical benefits, according to a some study white women earn more if they are thinner (apparently that did not apply so much if you were a man or even a woman of color) – how annoying!!

One advantage I have is that I realize (at least on some level) that just because you lost weight does not mean you’re done thinking about it. That is how all that weight just sneaks right back on. You turn your back on yourself. Right now my lifestyle has changed slightly so I am not biking to work these days. It is one small change after another then the ball begins to slow in its rolling.

So the point is we all draw the line somewhere. How do we keep finding where the line works best at the moment and keep checking in with yourself as your life changes?

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This is an opportunity to listen to a juicing guru on the phone. I would like to say listen to Angela for an hour, although the truth is the person interviewing her almost talks more than she does. If you press 5 you can pause the conversation, however you are still on the phone, so will likely not just want to walk away, the way you can from a podcast.

Some key things I learned: the difference between a juice fast versis a juice feast, and that the intention of the juice feast is to take in 1 head of lettuce and 2 pounds of greens among other things each and every beautiful day (equivalently your standard daily calorie intake); also that it was Angela’s experience that juicing by using a vitamix and a nutbag allowed for more oxidizing and a shorter lasting product than just using a green star double gear juicer.

I commented her blog with a question, I want to know how she decided to lose the pulp, I mean I read the fiber slows sugar absorption, has nutrients, etc. so why not smoothing instead of juicing? Anyone know?

From http://rawreform.blogspot.com, Angela Stokes’s blog:

“Playback Number: (641) 985-5000

and entering this access code: 355313#

This is a one-hour, FREE intro talk all about Juice Feasting and is available for you to listen and re-listen to as it suits you – Enjoy ;)”

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I have been very curious about losing weight on RAW. Really one of your comments inspired me to think, because I am struggling with the same things. Loosing weight takes so much mental and emotional strength (for some people more than others). When I do lose weight I find it takes time to read/talk myself into that position. Like you are going to devote your thinking life (for some time) to it at the cost of thinking about other things.

Anyone can lose or gain weight on any diet. The reason to eat raw is that it sets your body and mind free from all the toxins, acids, wound up, burnt, torn apart nutrients in cooked foods. Filling your body with live enzymes and still unbroken complete nutrients, is filling your body with life. The enzymes are the work people of your body, they are going around fixing things, when you eat something with no live enzymes to use, yours have to leave what they are doing struggle with the burnt up complicated food and then get pooped out! They are gone now. Plants come with enzymes specific to them, that is how they break down into the soil, they are biodegradeable because of their specific enzymes. My experience with being only primarily raw, yes I am still irritable at times, etc. now that the sun of spring has hit my face I got a little acne, yes still human it turns out.

I get irritated reading the raw authors who make it sound like you are going to sprout wings and start flying, we are all just what we are, the best we can do is come to terms with that compassionately and go from there. When we can openly and kindly listen to all our stories, including the one about that muffin, this thing, that one, all about how we get there…eventually we reach a point where we see it coming and we are just tired of it and ready to try something different this time. There is always struggle because there is always change, unpredictability and not only do we not like that, we repeatedly fool ourselves into thinking things can be permanent so we get suprised, at least we can be aware of what is healthy and what works if we can try hard to listen kindly and with an open and curious mind.

If we listen with a judgemental mind we won’t hear the whole truth and we will have that much less to go on. Have you ever had a mean boss? Do people tell that boss everything? Line up outside their door? Nope. Ever had a kind boss? I like the boss with whom I could earn a living selling coffee to all the people happily waiting outside her door.

I have lost weight along this path so far and I have lost cravings and so have many others, still we are so complicated – I am sure the final answer isn’t just go RAW. Going RAW is like, ok you want to build a gorgous treasure filled house and now you have a hammer and some boards, what you do with all the tools you DO HAVE, that is mental and emotional work, time and energy, compassion, supportive friends and family or at least a good shrink! It is just invaluable to know someone who is willing to listen to all your problems, struggles, and victories with compassion. Then books, the right books are just vital. Go find them. Find the ones that turn you on. Mine are in my book review category if you want a diving board. Once you are in the pool, the water feels great. Jump. Jump now and in the next moment and the next, always as present and aware as you can be, listen with an open heart. You have to be willing to fail.

The fact is we are constantly changing. It seems like we get so certain of who we are (this good or bad thing) that we can’t listen to who we really are, who we actually are in this moment. It is frustrating when you are not “allowed” to be who you are, it makes you feel so unloved and rejected and non-being. Still we are just sitting there being ourselves. I think of a one year old who is just not layered with all that thick judgement that happens, just sitting there being this beautiful little person. That is really all we are. It is nice we when can get a glimpse of that.

Did I just say in all that if you want to lose weight get really ok with how fat you are? I think I just said that. What do you think, is that making sense?

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On Thinness

Have you ever noticed for a moment, that feeling of being thin? I believe we have all felt it whether consciously or not. Like you put on your loosest pants and there you are, all free and it feels great. It is a fleeting moment of whew I am not so HERE, especially around the waste! Not so tangled and so here in a lot of ways: here pressing on the earth, here pressing on my lungs, instead there is a light featheriness, like the greens on the carrot top. For a moment it is as though my existence and absence will be less imposing. I am wondering if gaining weight is a way of clinging to the earth. Like being hooked on being on the planet, like at least I can stay here…when the reality is we can’t. We can use it as a way to run from the reality of impermanance.

Most times I feel like the carrot, sometimes I feel like the carrot tops. I think anyone can feel that way, like when you put on a loose fitting set of clothes, doesn’t that feel great? Like you are less of an imposition, less imposing, and less imposed on, just here having no effect.

Thin Privilege

We can see what can happen when someone feels unwanted, isolated, and outcast. Coincidentally something happened in my office the same week that brought to my attention an experience an Asian American was having and how defensive he had become after having been labeled incorrectly for so many years. He was so angry at someone’s assuming he was Asian (and not American) he came back to complain. It is easier to gain compassion realizing when someone is going through some crap. Anyway, the respect, when people feel respected that can be very powerful for a society’s health.

That brings me to the thin point, overweight people are going through pointless societal pressures…getting ignored, treated like less and it is just so wrong.

Just because a person is having a thin diet does not mean they are “better”. I recognize that a lot of privilege comes free with being thin. Everyone deserves respect, we are all just looking for a little respect, to feel accepted…I know I will make assumptions sometimes and at my job today we are having such a hectic business, yikes. We have to be compassionately approaching ourselves too, otherwise how can we approach others with compassion when we aren’t even skilled at giving it to ourselves. Best of luck out there! Awake in this moment.

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This morning in a conversation about a house that blew up in our city (supposedly the house blew up due to a gas leak) it occurred to me……I thought of how beneficial it is to live in a house where people are all on top of the house fix-it things and how that the more scrubbed down the house the more any problems are allowed to rise to the surface visibly and can be dealt with. Cleaning up your diet is the same. When you remove the complexity of processed and cooked your body wakes up, gets cleaned out and it just becomes easier to actually be aware of what is there. It is not such an overwhelming task to experience awareness of your body when you don’t have to all at once face bloating, acid reflux, exhaustion, indigestion, cravings, etc. When you take all those things out of the picture you experience an unusual awareness, it is very much like you scrubbed down the insides and can see the surface now. Your ability to remain present increases. This experience of yourself is peace inducing and relaxing.

It is funny to draw the link between people obsessed with cleaning/fixing their house or car or desk (financials) to people interested in cleaning up their food choices. It is the same thing and the rewards in some way are similar. I think the drive to “clean it up” is pretty common. What strikes me as less common is the realization of how your body can be made to feel when the right things are thrown down the shoot.

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I have always thought the largest fruits of fasting are the mental ones. The primary focus on most fasting talk is the physical effects. Things like it gives your body a chance to clean house, it is freed up to do other work that needed to happen; when you give the digestive system a rest it gets a needed rest, etc.

For me the biggest experience is the powerful realization that you are in the driver seat. You get to choose. Not only do you not have to eat compulsively you can choose not to eat at all. You didn’t eat and the whole world did not fall apart. That is empowering and freeing to know that you have this ability. It frees you from your hooks and rules: ie, I have to eat every 3 hours or I will die. And the panic that ensues if that doesn’t happen.

It is like learning to fall and roll properly in Aikido. After practicing and knowing you fall well, just standing there becomes a different experience. Walking is different.

When you become familiar with yourself as someone who can choose when to eat (say within a range of 24 hours) it increases your familiarity with yourself as someone who can also choose what you eat regardless of impluses or pressures or time of day or habits or routines or place and time. You get to choose.

Leaving your daily habit of eating is like leaving the country. When you get out you look back with a different view. That is refreshing.

It also provides the opportunity to engage and, however briefly, overcome one of our greatest fears: You might starve to death!

There are a series of feelings that one experiences when fasting.

During a fast you feel hungry then as you wait you discover the hunger goes away. It is puzzling, hey where did that hunger go? It was just here like an angry lion sitting in the middle of the dinner table. It was just here. Is it gone? You will notice it go. And depending on the nature of your fast you may see it come again and go again many times. It is a great experience to see you could be hungry, not eat, and then not be hungry. It is a physiological self discovery. This is what happens with feelings and emotions. We get so attached to them, we are so angry, or so happy, or so scared and then we can notice eventually the feeling just goes away. Emotions and feelings (even the feeling of hunger) are like passing clouds.

When you come back to eating you arrive a more enlightened being.

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