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Talking about comfort foods: ever have a comfort food that just makes you feel gross after you eat it? Or guilty? Is it comforting to feel guilty? Or you just feel like you can’t move or need to have someone push you in a wheel barrel to the bathroom? What do you do when your favorite comfort foods create discomfort? Do we say that comfort food is not bringing me comfort? How do we define comfort food then? Is it comfort food even when it is only the idea of eating it that brings comfort? We could just think about it, make the recipe, smell it, look at it, enjoy it in this way and leave the rest. Sometimes the smell alone can be enjoyed so openly that it can be so satisfying and pleasing.

It is curiously common to call comfort food, that food we love to eat but that makes us feel uncomfortable afterwards. Why is that? Do we hold comfort food to a standard of being comforting or not?

Here is an idea, we open ourselves up to the possibility that somewhere out there in the universe exists exceptionally brilliant (RAW) recipes that are dishes we never imagined and that bring us comfort more than for a brief moment. These dishes have intrinsic value for us. And they are just waiting for us to discover them. You may decide for this month I just will not make the same recipe twice and I will just see what I discover. Take notes on your recipes.

This is where you actively step beyond the boundaries of routine and begin seeking new options. You start with the assumption that the possibility exists.

If you are interested in a testimony…countless foods that used to bring me comfort have been completely replaced in the past 10 years with dishes that have this intrinisic value, they both comfort me as an idea of a snack and they leave me feeling as physically light and stress free as I started. I am not saying I am stress free! I am saying food choices don’t have to create stress and can even alleviate stress.

I used to get GERD so often I knew if I was eating with someone I would not want to take a stroll (even a stroll) afterwards. I remember eating a taco salad with a friend of mine on a lake front. Afterwards she said lets stroll by the lake, I knew it would cause a big GERD problem for me and sure enough it did! That is needless stress. Now I know I will enjoy the salad without eating the taco shell or any cheese or dead animals and I can take a run right afterwards if I want. That is very comforting to know.

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Today I found myself wanting some overly sweetened coconut bar and luckily for me the first thing that popped into my head was how it made me feel afterwards when I last had one. I remembered it clearly enough to actually know I didn’t want it again. I had tried hard to focus on that feeling when I was having it and I talked about it to people who nodded and said oh I know what your talking about! We have all had that feeling, yuk Why did I eat that?? It is the afterward feeling, if we have the feeling right before we eat it otherwise we are not so tempted. If we clearly remembered the actual feeling before we bought into the same old storyline and same old habit the outcome might be different one of those times that we are being tempted.

Openly listen in to all aspects, good and bad! And just note them to yourself or in my case out loud (it did make it more memorable for me to have talked about it) and just asked out loud why do we do that? Why do we repeatedly intentionally do something which ultimately is not a positive value of happiness. I mean the net of good to bad feelings gained isn’t favorable. Why do we all do it? I think sometimes it is simply because we are too distracted to notice what is happening and we don’t want to look because we are going to judge ourselves and enter the shame blame game. Maybe the answer is to cut out the middleman! Cut out the judge, just have the experience and listen with an open and curious mind. Try something and listen, then try something else and listen and compare. What is the product? Listening as kindly and compassionately as possible you will be able to hear it all each time and you may begin to want to try something different just getting tired of the same old routine. Oh yes I say this to myself and walk by this store and then I am feeling this and make this decision and then afterwards I experience bloating, heaviness, some sugar high/low, and then I feel guilty…whatever it is you experience, that is your experience that you are not having. Have it! Be there. That is all we are anyway is here.

Lets drop the storylines we have about grapefruit and have one of those instead, hell have 10 of them instead. That is interesting, that is what I read recently is that rawfoodist in the beginning transition with fruit then they get more addicted to the green food flavors. Tastes do change. It helps if you are actively searching for delicious replacement foods and recipes. Empower yourself with variety by research, there are countless kinds of raw foods to eat, I haven’t had a “normal” salad since…I can’t even remember. That is because I am always making new recipes these days still very very impressed with Living Cuisine (or see my book reviews). These are DELICIOUS and easy, no stove, no pans…you will want a food processor though for some of them…and if you want she does have a number of recipes that are heated slowly and steamed veggies are included. Really amazing food, I am looking forward to receiving her second book in the mail any day now, that one might even be better! Also I am in the middle of 4 other raw food books. These book reviews will be added eventually.

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First fitday.com will easily and for free prove to you that cooked food has remarkably more calories than raw food.
Second, the claim is made that when your body is hungry it is seeking specific nutrients it is currently short on. Whether or not that wanted nutrient is what you feed it, depends. I am less hungry and less often thinking about food on raw and I believe it is because I am getting more of the absorbable nutrients. My body is not overwhelmed by chemical cravings planted their by corporate conglomerates in their secret sauce labs.

Can you get overweight on raw? SURE! Chowing on raw nuts and delicious pates, mmmmm, I can’t think of a better way I would like to do it. Again, I am just thinking less compulsively about my food choices now (and even I would say once I hit about 60% raw), less driven to JUST EAT SOMETHING! That part of my experience dropped off. Now that I am about 90+% and it is a very relaxed feeling to have…I encourage everyone to try it when you are ready for a food adventure, a book may help or just keep reading raw blogs!

When raw vegan foodists do get overweight remember they are getting that way on the best fats and sugars available, Udo’s oil, plain flax seed oil, other seed and nut oils, avocados, coconut milk, fruits and juices, delicious seed cheeses, etc. Only animal products contain cholestorol. No plant foods contain cholestorol.

It is still physically uncomfortable to be overweight and it is difficult weight hugging down on your precious organs and their little muscles. They are all trying to breath in the oxygen and your lungs are wishing for that too. Ever gain weight going raw? Let me know. I have heard of stories of people losing 160 pounds (see RawReform.com) going raw and I have never heard of anyone gaining that going raw.

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Once you become in the drivers seat about one thing, once you find yourself there you begin to realize this control and confidence entering into other areas in your life. You realize yourself capable and begin walking toward other parts of your life. We all have answers that will help us just sitting in us…they just need to be compassionately approached in order to be heard. We need to know we are not going to shoot ourselves down and instead allow the door to open a little to something new without judgement.

Food is a great place to start because it is so measurable, we can follow our weight change (typing it into Fitday.com) everyday and run charts seeing what happened over the year. We can type into Fitday.com every thing we ate and run numbers on total calories, or fats, or proteins, or vitamins, etc. It is measurable. Then…gasp…we are trying on size 10 pants???!!!! No way! Yes! That happened to me last year for the first time since…I am sure I can’t remember it was so many years ago.

The point is people continually find changing eating habits is a starting point for a realization of ones ability to have some say over the way things are. Not to mention all the doors that just not being overweightt open! There should be a word for what society does to overweight people…we have names for ageism, rascism, homophobia (need a better word here), etc. and we don’t have one to represent all the negative stereotypes, assumptions, and treatment that overweight people experience. And it is bad, people lose jobs over it and get jobs just because they were a skinny little thing, it is bad. I digress.

Even more powerful is our open present awareness of how we are honestly experiencing ourselves in this moment and then getting curious about that, not judgemental just open curiosity. Realizing everything is in flux. In my case I discovered once I lost 25 pounds how important it apparently had been to me. The weight that fell off my hips was nothing compared to the weight that fell off my shoulders. Still the self judgement will just shift to a new location unless we are able to begin to notice judging’s effect on our lives. And begin to wonder if there are other options that might work better. Buddhists seem to be saying you can nudge yourself forward with a whip or with compassion, the choice is yours and one works better than the other to increase happiness. I believe I have an almost genetic inclination towards Stoicism so this is a very hard notion for me to know; I am curious. And I am quite tired of the old.

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She has just come off a whopping juice “feast” and this video link is her first day breaking the fast. Since she went raw a few years ago she has lost 160 lbs. That is awesome! Good for her, I encourage you to check out the lovely video.

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Whatever inspires you most first! If you get to do both at once do that.

If you are choosing to focus on one first, start with the diet. I know people who run the iron man who know next to nothing about the quality and bioavailability of the foods they are regularly putting into their bodies. They focus all their time and energy on building muscles without considering what will be feeding those muscles. The idea for many is, if I just excercise enough I can eat whatever and have no problems. Well tell that to the many very overweight people who run marathons and would love to lose that weight. They are running marathons!

How about the many many people on successful diets who never excercise and lose a hundred pounds. They lose one hundred pounds all by focusing on their will power to choose what they will put in that biggest hole in our face. If you really want to lose weight the bigger pay off is in focusing on what you will and what you won’t put in that hole. You have will power and it grows with every little win.

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Well the coffee quitting led to more eating and increasing cooked foods. I remembered how I started up the habit again last year, I was losing the extra 25 pounds I had sitting on my lungs, my thighs, my whole body, just fat. A Iced American in the afternoon helped and apparently it still does. Well I will see I am still going mostly without. I am thinking of gathering past emails I wrote while in the midst of losing those pounds and an online journal I kept notes in. It was such a happy time to have successes and yet the failures were there too. I am wondering if that might be of use to someone, so I plan to publish those materials soon.

Quitting coffee? Have to be sensitive and pick and chose where to start. I think of my body as my own personal laboratory and I know the difference between acidic me and basic me…to be known.

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