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Thank you Joshua for an excellent post, I am glad I am subscribed. I couldn’t help quoting it here and encouraging people to visit his…hmm well I can’t find his blog…his site link goes to a website that sells cool raw food stuff and has a newsletter sign up link so I am guessing that will do it. Joshua if you are out there thanks, take care, and get your blog on!:

Grass, it’s not just for cows any more

By Joshua Schmidt

That’s right, although the wheatgrass craze is a bit past its apex, it’s clear that its popularity is more than just a passing fad. Somehow, despite the fact that obesity is on the rise, the country is getting more interested in health. Now I could do an entire article on what I believe to be behind this dichotomy but for now trust me, they aren’t related. Cows are fat for other reasons.

So once again this will be basic stuff for a great many regulars in this community but it’s important to keep pulling in those who are just getting into this stuff. And because the whole Juicy Josh community is relatively new, I think the basics need to be laid out.

Some health enthusiasts believe wheatgrass to be the pinnacle of healthy living, going so far as to claim that 1 pound of wheatgrass is the nutritional equivalent of 25 pounds of choice vegetables. I wouldn’t go that far. But there’s solid evidence that wheatgrass is good for everything from fighting cancer (for a great documentary watch Crazy Sexy Cancer on TLC tonight, 8/30/07 at midnight) to preventing tooth decay. It is enormously rich in beta-carotene, the vitamins A, B, C, D, K, and E as well as many amino acids, such as lysine, tryptophane, and phenylalanine. But most importantly wheatgrass is one of the highest sources of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll strongly resembles the molecular structure of hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein of red blood cells and this is probably the reason it is so beneficial. Essentially it helps in clearing drug deposits from the blood, it counteracts and purifies toxins, removes heavy metals stored in our tissue, and increases the enzyme level in our cells. All this amounts to the rejuvenation and preservation of our vital system.

Not to mention it gives you quite an energy kick. Almost makes me want to MOO…

Be well,
Juicy Josh

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Just made an exciting discovery of another treasure on the web, a Raw Article Collection by In the Raw. This link includes an article by Victoria Boutenko with her favorite green smoothie recipes. Hooray for this site! Enjoy.

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bright green drink, originally uploaded by eecue.

We can sip greens adding some version of sweet/salty/spicy. Think soups, juices, and smoothies. It is a way to add options and choices for increasing your nutrition.

I have read high speed blenders are strong enough to knock the good stuff right out of the cell walls. “Your body cannot digest all the phytochemicals if they are still locked inside the cell structure of your food. Juicing does not unlock the phytochemicals found in the fiber.” (Raw Food Advantage)

Chewing makes our jaws strong fine, what I want to say is greens make our whole body strong and when chewing 4 cups of greens (and chewing it well enough to give your body a fighting chance at absorbing it) is just not going to happen, it is possible to discover delicious ways to add liquid greens. Sipping greens can go down almost without your even noticing and while you are busy doing other things, of course that is not as lovely an experience and your body wishes you were all there. It can even be a low calorie experience, a huge 8″ cucumber is 34 calories, throw that in a blender with some lemon and a little agave and voila tasty. I also love a blended spinach, avocado, soy sauce, watery soup. There are so many ways to drink green.

This chart is found in the cover of the book Green for Life. It is the author’s take on percentages of greens, etc. taken in by the SAD diet, average raw diet and a chimps (with whom we share 99.4% DNA similiarity).

This .gov site (U.S. government created) for nutrients will tell all nutrients to any green you type in to the box.
It is cumbersome to use. It is the USDA National Nutrient Database straight from their
Nutrient Data Laboratory.

Here is a much prettier .gov site You can type in how old you are and it will tell you how many cups of fruits and veggies it thinks you should have according to USDA current standards. This site is called “fruits and veggies matter.gov” and that is what it is about. Even the recipe section for entrees include vegan recipes. I like the Fruit and Vegetable of the Month section…it offers lengthy info on each food reminding me of the Amarinth to Zucchini book (see book reviews).

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Here is the best ever video of David Wolfe I have found so far.

This most excellent resource is offered to us by GLiving.com.

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Going Raw Resource

Join the Forum for live discussion on going raw vegan (this site has literally thousands of posts – WOW!), great resource I found through the blog: The Green Smoothie Experiment. Which has beautiful pictures and stories, it really is what blogging is about, I just discovered this site and I can’t wait to read more, go Valerie! Those are the stories for anyone suffering from complications of overweight, thank you so much Valerie for offering them.

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I just saw Sarma interviewed in G Living (scroll down for Sarma). Wow, great interview. I really think the great food coming out of her restaurant is from the relationships in the family making it happen there (you can’t just open another restaurant and transport that to another locale), she seems like a really neat woman and I can’t wait to start digging through her site. I already sent her a question via her ask Sarma page.

She is also the author of a very nice raw food book, which I have only thumbed through a few times so far and would love to one day own:
Raw Food Real World
Sarma Melngailis & Matthew Kenne

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Wow – everyday I discover more. Ani’s blog is one you won’t want to miss. Here is Ani in a breakfast recipe video. She has very clear descriptions and offers information in such a nice way, I hope you get a chance to watch some of her videos.

I have already taken down the ingredients for the avocado soup on her blog, aniphyo.com. So simple!

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