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Meet the WeLikeItRaw.com blog authors in an upbeat interview, exploring a little about one version of Raw culture, and their philosophy behind their blog.

The site I send you to for the video is very pretty and professional, focusing on marketing of the Raw movement. Someone who knows what they are doing is kicking us out there, that is great to see. It has 6 authors and what? No Blog Roll? Come on! Nice blog though! Very nice. I bow.

Don’t miss the WeLikeItRaw interview, it is really fun to meet them and learn what they are after, they have a great philosophy.

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Listen to Raw Talk

I just had the good fortune to hear Rhio with Guest: Felicia Drury Kliment, author of The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet, on the topic of: Acid Alkaline Balance

There was so much information in this radio show that I found myself taking notes. With so many raw food books yet to read (I just ordered her book, Hooked On Raw) it is great to get a chance to hear authors talk about their books. I would also love just hearing Rhio’s synopsis in a sound clip too. Now I am going to listen to some more of their shows! A little warning, in order to listen to the show you pick, you have to click on its tiny speaker icon off to the right of each radio shows description.

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She has just come off a whopping juice “feast” and this video link is her first day breaking the fast. Since she went raw a few years ago she has lost 160 lbs. That is awesome! Good for her, I encourage you to check out the lovely video.

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Check out RawRob.com

Funny short video post on Feb 7, see category fun or just scroll down and look for the lovely chap with the wig (nickname “Beardyman”), and podcast of David Wolfe that I was very glad to see. David Wolfe is very much about people doing what works for them without all the rules and shame/blame game. He is about increasing options for people and awareness. I was so glad to see it. Enjoy Rob’s site, go Rob!

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Of course it is absurd to try to fit this group of brilliant individuals into a catagory (other than brilliant, you can fit them there of course) and yet this site has had good and simple success and is just such a pleasure to visit:

    Detox Your World

Enjoy – Rawfoodism defined, she has a great website too! WOW! GO Shazzie!! shazzie.com

She even has this very cool ask Shazzie page!

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