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Simple explanation of how when we kill the enzymes in cooking our body has to makeshift to digest…Interesting comments…40’s chemical revolution created our peticides, fungicides, herbacides…bulk of fake foods created in a lab two years ago.

Brief intro to a variety of famed raw foods.

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David Wolfe on various salts, history and bromine in Mortons Salt.

Hawaiian salt is a winner.

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In this video she explains: The cooked food diet is very acidic, too much acid in the blood is alarming for the body. Minerals kept whole and useable in raw greens are alkaline. When the body has raw greens as a resource it stops pulling the minerals from bones to balance the alkalinity in the blood.

The detox experience is from the bodies discovering a new more alkaline balance.

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Enjoy this thoughtful, simple gesture

or link to it.Be sure to turn your sound on.

Yes we want the green, although why be absolutist, wasn’t that fun? Blueberries get a little sour on their own…I am a fan of this rawfoodist – you go! She has some nice videos.

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Found lots of his videos through You Tube, they are a good learning tool…

1. This is the first one I have found where he is being funny (it is at the end). “Certain things are illegal to say in America today…it is amazing what is happening in this country…they can’t tax your garden…” He has definitely got his hippie on in this one and it looks great on him. Almost a french hippie look…ha! Go David.

2. This next one just hit me in the right place -He says IT IS NOT ABOUT 100%, all or nothing, yes or no, ego; “Eat 80% raw.”

3. One minute of David doing what he does best.

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This is quick and easy and delicious. I was surprised to find it tastes to me like cheese.

No electricity required.

Don’t have time to watch this lovely short video? Here is the short skinny:

1/4 cup sundried tomatoes (soak them 20 min)
1 large collard leaf (de-spined and cut into four pieces)
1/4 cup pine nuts
1 Tbl. olive oil
pinch of sea salt
2 Tbl Dill
2 Tbl of raisens (I left these out)

Stir in a bowl and roll into the leaf.

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