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He must be a raw chef?

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Here is the best ever video of David Wolfe I have found so far.

This most excellent resource is offered to us by GLiving.com.

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I just saw Sarma interviewed in G Living (scroll down for Sarma). Wow, great interview. I really think the great food coming out of her restaurant is from the relationships in the family making it happen there (you can’t just open another restaurant and transport that to another locale), she seems like a really neat woman and I can’t wait to start digging through her site. I already sent her a question via her ask Sarma page.

She is also the author of a very nice raw food book, which I have only thumbed through a few times so far and would love to one day own:
Raw Food Real World
Sarma Melngailis & Matthew Kenne

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Wow – everyday I discover more. Ani’s blog is one you won’t want to miss. Here is Ani in a breakfast recipe video. She has very clear descriptions and offers information in such a nice way, I hope you get a chance to watch some of her videos.

I have already taken down the ingredients for the avocado soup on her blog, aniphyo.com. So simple!

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Meet the WeLikeItRaw.com blog authors in an upbeat interview, exploring a little about one version of Raw culture, and their philosophy behind their blog.

The site I send you to for the video is very pretty and professional, focusing on marketing of the Raw movement. Someone who knows what they are doing is kicking us out there, that is great to see. It has 6 authors and what? No Blog Roll? Come on! Nice blog though! Very nice. I bow.

Don’t miss the WeLikeItRaw interview, it is really fun to meet them and learn what they are after, they have a great philosophy.

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I found this clip through WeLikeItRaw.com: Alissa Cohen (a famous raw guru). It is an inspirational little clip I hope you enjoy.

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A collection of Raw Food video clips for your enjoyment:

Funny! – Scroll for the blonde wig. Thanks for getting this out there Rob! This wigged man by the way is not Rob.

Educational Excellent, educational video. This is a very fortunate resource. She is having the same experience as so many rawfoodists who are discovering a whole new venue of food choices and an amazing and unexpected experience of health and well being. This lecture includes intermittent question and answer time with a mostly meat, cooked food eating audience.

nice lyrics; Raw geek sings “I Will Eat Raw” to tune of “I Will Survive” Warning, singing talent is omitted. Thanks Shazzie.com for getting it out there.

Beautiful! (RawReform.com) Thank you Angela, you’re awesome!

Here is a friend of Angela’s, this video will make you smile inside.

Here is a thinker.

Personal asthma remission testimony.

A big shout out to RawFoodMedia.com for getting out with their videocams. Thanks.

Here is the Google Video Search mass of Raw Food videos listed.

More of my picks to come…

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