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The Greens Inside


I am experimenting with adding Flickr.com photos (a free photo source), this one seems like a nice metaphor for this mortal coil and the greens we might see inside ourselves. I have to write this post in Flickr.com…I don’t like that for sure…I will just experiment with this first anyway then see if there are other settings. I suppose I could upload it to my computer than upload it to the site…

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About This Site

About This Site

Welcome to MyRawFoodBlog.com, This raw food endeavor will be a support and information place for those of us (me!) joining/being the rawfood movement, for all of the reasons we might do that. Proposed questions and ideas will be the subject of posts, as well as articles and great discoveries.

This site is about living as a rawfoodist. It is about how to become one, how to maintain, and how to think about it. The idea is that I wanted to track my progress.
If I come across a neat way to increase success, you’ll read about it here. If others would like to follow along for the ride, that’s just awesome. I think what we eat affects us all, and hopefully we’ll learn from each other and meet up at a whole foods wellness retreat in Hawaii some day.

Agree with me? Disagree? Leave a comment! Comments are an encouraged part of this site. I am happy for this to be a conversation, not a one sided fire hose. We are all learning from each other. My food choices have been affected by so many people, I believe for the better. This year I have happily lost 25 pounds. Mostly due to support from great people in my life, reading health food books, and at some points using fitday.com a free tracker.

I do want to share my story because going raw has helped me. I have solved migraines and GERD and severe nausea all by going raw and vegan as much as possible. The more I do it the more the problems are solved, so I am exploring more.

About Me

I am now 37 years old and live in the Midwest with my family and two cats and a dog. I started this blog because raw and vegan dishes have helped solve my health problems (migraines and GERD) for about 10 years now. I also find it is a great way to keep weight off.


If this sounds vaguely interesting, I encourage you to bookmark this site or subscribe to get an e-mail whenever I post a new entry. Just click on subscribe by email in the upper right. I’ll never use your email address for any other purpose, and you can unsubscribe at any time. You will get one email whenever I write something new.

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